You should consider Top 10 Best Startup Books for Entrepreneurs to Avoid Major Pitfalls before starting your business.

Its true that every nine out of 10 startups fail in their first year due to many reasons like, planning, resources, guidance, financial problem and many other.

Avoiding this fate may be hard, but not impossible. Certainly not when you are armed with the knowledge from these 10 best startup books for entrepreneurs.

As you might know from the countless lists of tips and tricks about startup survivability, reading is one of the easiest and fastest ways of learning from the experiences of others. The only problem is that too many books come out and you as a startup owner have limited time to decide which are the best startup books to read.

To make things easy for you, I decided to find the best books about startups and entrepreneurship. This is a growing list, so bookmark this article and come back in a couple of months to check out the new startup books on the list.

List of Best Startup Books for Entrepreneurs Before Starting Business

1) Zero to One

This book is a compilation of notes from a startup course Peter Thiel taught at Stanford University back in 2012. Though you may know Thiel from his close friendship with President Trump, he’s been a powerhouse in the entrepreneurial space for decades.

The notes were revised for a larger audience and cover the idea of progressive thinking. He encourages readers to stop reinventing old business ideas and jump to the next realm of invention. Though it is a short read, you may need to re-read it a few times to absorb it all.

2) The $100 Startup

Chris Guillebeau believes that you should be able to make a living by following your passions. In his tell-all book The $100 Startup, he details how he achieved this dream, and how you can too.

This book is built on the concept of taking a smaller investment, like $100 and utilizing it in a way to fund your entrepreneurial project. This book might not be useful for large scale startups, but if you want to open a small business with a simple business plan, this may be of interest to you.

3) The Hard Thing About Hard Things

This book by Ben Horowitz is about Ben’s journey to success. While he doesn’t impart any secret formula, he does share details of his struggle. Understanding the need to separate facts from perception and the understanding that “there are no short-cuts to knowledge” are two important lessons that can be found in this important book.

Horowitz shares profound insights into what it takes to build a successful startup and he does it with tremendous flair, making this book such a reading delight.

4) The Lean Startup

This book is by Eric Ries begins with the experience of Ries himself has with “sitting in a dorm” and “inventing the future”. His premise is that startups can organize the development of their product in a much better way than they currently are. They should do this by treating their startup like an experiment. This book comes highly recommended by WiseStamp’s co-founder Josh Avnery and many other startup entrepreneurs.

5) Creativity Inc

By Ed Catmull with Amy Wallace is a fascinating in-depth look into the world of Pixar. Named one of the best books of 2014 by The Huffington Post, Financial Times, Success, Inc. and the Library Journal, Creativity Inc. will give you insight into what it takes to continuously break the mold to persistently create amazing things.

6) The Four Steps to the Epiphany

Steve Blank takes the reader through a tough but necessary read that will teach you that products are an illusion of startup success. Blank will then go on to impart the most fundamental question a startup founder can ask himself – “where are the customers?”.

This informative and valuable book will provide you with concrete examples and skills that will give you insight into the sales and marketing required to build a successful startup.

7) The E-Myth Revisited

E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber

Get this summary if you want to learn the concise actionable information in the E-Myth Revisited in 20 minutes or less so you can apply it to your business or start a business of your own.

Inside this summary of The E-Myth Revisited you will learn how to:
•Build a no maintenance business.
•Turn your current business into a low to no maintenance business.
•Have a ZERO hour work week.
•Create a business that supports what you want to do in your personal life.
•Find out how to get customers to buy.

This summary of Michael Gerber’s book the E-Myth Revisited will give you the process on how to build a low to no maintenance business that creates the cash flow you desire so you can ultimately spend more time on the things you want in life

8) Hooked

Hooked by Nir Eyal should be required reading for all startup founders looking to build a product that will heavily engage users. Understanding how our emotions play a major role in driving our behavior is one of the more fascinating discussions in the book. If it is properly applied to a product, a new habit can be formed and with it a potential startup success..

9) Built To Sell

John Warrillow shares the top tips for small business owners at each stage of their business. The book dedicates each chapter to creating a unique product, setting up processes and building teams and automating your business. Learn how to create value and agile business that adapts accordingly.

10) The Checklist Manifesto

This book by Atul Gawande is perhaps told from a medical surgeon’s point of view, but it applies to professionals in any field. Gawande’s claims that failing in the modern world is more of a result of “ineptitude” because of the ignorance or not knowing enough.

He suggests that in our complex world even experts require checklists and that this checklist can vastly improve results. This book is valuable for its assertions but is also beautifully written and offers some fun vignettes. According to Business Insider, Jack Dorsey includes The Checklist Manifesto in a welcome kit he gives to all new employees.

Which one should you read first?

It would be difficult to choose one single book to read from this list of the best books for entrepreneurs because every next book is full of information.

If you want to read books about ‘startup marketing’ specifically, then we have also compiled a list of best startup marketing books in a separate post.

We hope you liked this list of best startup books. If you did, then share it with your friends who are struggling with their startups.


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